With roots extending to 2010, "The Motropolis Project" is the next step in following the dreams of a better "default" world, we culturally pursue the Highest Maximum Potential of our Self, our Collective and Humanity through the "Art of Ecstatic Living."  
     At this time for our Ambassador, that would mean bringing Chicanx/Latine culture to the international conscious Conference that is Black Rock City during Burning Man. With our last official theme camp to Burning Man taking place in 2014, He has developed a 3 year plan. Three years, three trips from San Antonio, TX, to Burning Man.
Year 1, 2023 - Take a planning trip to Burning Man - (Accomplished)
Year 2, 2024 - Take an Official Theme Camp to Burning Man (Currently an Official Camp)
Year 3 2025 - Take an Art Project to Burning Man
     2024 is Year 2, the Burning Man Theme is "Curiouser and Curiouser
This is the year we are inviting 21 Curious Individuals to help build our Theme Camp "Motropolis" out at Burning Man and thrive out in the harsh environment and reap the fruit of journey. To experience Burning Man is Transformational. To go with Mo is the make the most of that momentum to practice your own art of living ecstatically.
Burning Man Takes Place
August 25 – September 02, 2024
What is going to Burning Man like?
Motropolis Background
     After the MoRoadtrip back to Austin many of the Mo parted ways to carry on with their lives with fresh memories of the transformational experience that is Burning Man. A few Mo chose to keep the Momentum going and had to decide what to do with the 60ft MoBus! Eventually we settled on a 6 acre property in Elgin, TX. We called it the MoFarm. Once there we began to decompress and contemplate how we could integrate the principled culture of Burning Man and the "Default World" we had returned to. We began to ask questions like, What was the highest maximum potential of this bus and property? What was our own highest maximum potential? How could we inspire it in others, and create a sustainable community of people collectively pursuing our maximum potential. Soon we saw visions of a community of empowered individuals. We could provide our own services, advocate for the needs of our people, get large enough and even have our own audiences with the Senate. Thus Motropolis was born and our many events and adventures continued.
What is "Mo?"
   2011 came and it was time for our April 1st "Masquerade of Fools". A conversation was had between the three Mo and caretakers of the Motropolis, DonJon "King of Mo" Vonavich, Tony "Don" Floriani and Jorge Luis Gamboa VIII aka the Ambassador. The question arose, with the MoBus, the MoFarm, Motropolis all the Mo, what does it mean?  That's when the Ambassador expressed, "Mo is the acknowledgement that I have my own reality, my own experience and expression." So do you both, so does everyone here, and so do each we all of Humanity." With Mo in place we carried on making friends, creating experiences, inspiring others to seek their maximum potential and cultivating Motropolis to this day.
What is a Theme Camp?
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